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What is “mobile dating”?

What is “mobile dating”?


Mobile dating is a means of meeting people which is suited to the modern times and the technology that comes along with it. What could be better than finding single people near to you? The neighbour who lives downstairs who had a crush on you for weeks? Maybe she wouldn’t mind spending an evening in good company, notably, in your company. Mobile dating facilitates meeting people in real life and increases the chance of success for those who are, for example, looking for a sexual relationship.

The traditional dating websites like or OkCupid (which work on the principle of all users completing a quiz and multiple choice questionnaire) also offer mobile versions or applications to download, unlike leading dating applications that are offered exclusively on smartphones : Tinder (general) or Grindr (gay). To summarize, mobile dating allows you to exchange messages and photos but above all it allows you to locate single people nearby for you to start chatting with.


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