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Understanding body language

Understanding body language

We always hear people talking about body language without truly understanding what it is. In reality, we all have a vague idea of what it is and aren’t quite sure how to control it.  Body language is an instinctual way of expressing ourselves and showing our desires that the human race has been using since the time when life began. Whether or not we understand the art of deciphering the signs that the body sends, we all have felt like we can understand a certain message by a simple look, posture or gestures of a woman who likes us.

With time, the human race have developed certain manners, rules and codes to live in society, to the point of neglecting body language. We no longer behave naturally and instinctively, we however follow the rules we were taught by our families. It’s essential that you, as a seducer, no longer ignore this language that can help you communicate more subtly with women.


Body language, the expression of desire or repulsion

This language is probably the most honest language that exists and it’s because of this that it has not been totally neglected over the years. We cannot cheat with desire… A woman who is repulsed by you will not even be able to imagine coming into physical contact with you, sorry…

Just as the brain takes up information and identifies whether it’s a negative or positive reaction, the body does the same. For example, if you are in the presence of a naked women, it doesn’t take much time for your precious phallus to make its presence noted as well. It is the same for the other parts of your body. Whether or not a woman desires you, she will make it known by the way she behaves. We cannot just rely on what body language tells us however. It is necessary to take into account the context and the situation, as she cannot and will not send signals at the same intensity when she is in a public place with people she knows (and who may judge her perhaps) compared to on a one-to-one basis with you.


Poor signals

We won’t spend too long discussing this subject as, quite frankly, a woman who doesn’t give you any positive signals is not worth your interest. If these situations present themselves, forget it, she isn’t worth it.

For a first date, she invites you to a bar close to her house, she didn’t even make the effort to move or travel to meet you. She arrives at the date poorly dressed and sloppy. She is clearly taking this date lightly. You feel she is nervous, unresponsive, looking away and not smiling. She has a shifty look or she is fiddling on her mobile phone.

You meet her in a bar. You speak with her. She doesn’t spend much time facing you or make the effort to spend time with you. She prefers to chat with her friends and give you snobby looks.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, don’t be scared to leave these uncomfortable situations. You’re not alone and you’re not the first or the last to experience this. Forget her, there are plenty of fish in the sea! You deserve much better.


Positive signs

As women each have their own personality, there are multiple ways of expressing their desires. It is therefore difficult to make an exhaustive list of all the positive signs for you. Nonetheless, we can outline the main ones.


She is receptive: She listens to what you say and always has her eyes fixed on you our on your lips. If there is a silence at the end of a conversation, she is still staring dreamily at you and you smile. Her arms are uncrossed, she nods when you speak and puts in her own comments and she is turned fully towards you. You can tell you have her undivided attention.

She is comfortable around you: She always touches her hair while listening or speaking to you and often unties her hair and releases her “mane”. She crosses and recrosses her legs, changing their position. She sends clear signals that she’s interested. A woman who stretches her arms above her head while lying on the ground watching the stars is showing that she feels safe with you.

She is calm and happy with you: This beautiful girl laughs so easily at all your jokes. She laughs heartily. This is because she is relaxed with you, at ease. She searches for physical contact with you by touching your t-shirt or by tapping your hand to get your attention.


Finally it is important to know that many women have personal space issues. Women have an invisible security tape around them that marks off a prohibited area commonly referred to as “My Space”. Not just anyone is welcome to enter this sacred space. If she lets you whisper words into her ear, wrap your arm around her or hold her hand, that means you have a chance and she really does like you.

Look for these signs and carry out an experiment. Find an excuse to walk away from the girl you’re with. See if she continues to look at you.In the context of an evening out, leave her for another group and see if she comes to join you. Allow her to express herself and never show her that you’re observing her body language. With experience, you will become better and better and detecting her signals.

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