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Online Dating: 5 tips for Beginners

Online Dating: 5 tips for Beginners

You’ve been single for a little while. You’re shy and neither have the time nor opportunities to flirt in real life. What if I told you that dating sites were made for you? Fear of chatting with a stranger doesn’t have to hold you back from finding true love and keep you from taking the first step. For all beginners (or existing users that want to improve their online dating techniques), here are our 5 practical tips to succeed on dating sites and to no longer spend your nights alone…

1) Ask yourself good questions

What are you looking for? A woman or a man? What age? What are your common interests? For one night or for life? Once you’ve found the answers to these questions you will be able to clearly visualise what you’re looking for in a partner and suitable dating site. Each dating site tends to cater to a specific need and one size does not fit all! For example, there are dating sites specific to cougar dating, extra-marital dating and casual dating. It is necessary to take your time when choosing the site that best corresponds to your needs. To help you find the best site for you, consult our list of dating sites where you will see our grading and expert reviews.

2) Fill in all the fields on your online dating profile

Did you know that the majority of uninformative online dating profiles are not viewed? It is therefore crucial to take your time entering all the information that the site asks for. You would probably agree that you prefer online dating profiles that have maximum information, photos and updated posts. Make sure that you think about the people viewing your profile and ensure that your profile is of the quality that you appreciate when browsing. Ensure that you can be seen in the pictures you upload to your profile. You will find more information about making your profile attractive here (

3) Find a golden pick-up line that works for you

The best way to get a reply on a chat message on dating websites is to have a good pick-up line. Your first message is what will give the reader a good impression about you. We don’t mean stereotypical pick-up lines like “Hey, what’s up? You’re really cute and I’d love to get to know you!”. Before sending the first message, go onto the person’s profile and have a look at his/her likes and dislikes. From this you can create a personalised and interesting pick-up line that will more likely incite a response.

4) Make online conversation an art

Written conversation via chat allows you to take your time to reread your messages and formulate seasoned and smart responses. Don’t hesitate to talk with multiple profiles at the same time and don’t feel pressured to respond to all of them immediately. On the contrary, allow yourself to be desired all the while developing witty and interesting replies which will be truly appreciated by the person you’re talking to.

5) Try to keep a good online reputation

Don’t start talking about sex in the first conversation! As a rule of thumb, allow the person you’re chatting to start the topic of sex. Even if they start the conversation, be very reserved and avoid having a full-on conversation about sexual encounters or desires during the first conversation! You do not want to leave a bad impression and be perceived as a pervert who talks about sex every five minutes…

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