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Seduction: The Four Golden Rules

Seduction: The Four Golden Rules

When you’re with a girl that you like and start flirting, there are certain principles that must be applied. Respecting these rules will allow you to feel confident when flirting and seducing a beautiful woman.

1) Don’t put pressure on yourself / be normal

Engaging in a discussion with a girl, whether at work or on the streets, doesn’t have to be difficult. Unfortunately, it usually ends up that way for most people. Why? Simply because they put too much pressure on themselves. The higher your expectations, the greater the risk of failing and falling into a never-ending spiral of disappointment and self-pity. The solution? Do not imagine how you expect the conversation or date to go in your head over and over. Relax and chat with the girl like you would with your neighbour, casually and cordially. Only aim for simple objectives and progress slowly.

2) Show your character

When chatting with a beautiful girl, you’re not expected to let her decide everything and dominate the conversation. Feel free to oppose things she says, with a smile and gentlemanly attitude, if you don’t agree. The person you’re talking to will appreciate that you think critically and you’re intellectual. If she wanted someone to agree with everything she said and follow her everywhere, she’d have taken a puppy instead!

3) Make her laugh

It’s a purely physical reaction: a relaxed laugh. Using humour is and always has been the most essential ingredient to flirt efficiently. If you make a girl laugh while she’s with you, she will feel at ease at your side and will let herself go. That being said, you don’t need to act like a clown either. Use a few well-chosen jokes and see how it goes. From her reaction, you can adapt your approach. Crack a few jokes about yourself and your life to show that you’re a fun, approachable person.

4) Place your name in her appointment diary…

This is an unmissable step to show your interest and become a part of her everyday life. Know how to pick up on things she says she wants to do or likes to do during your discussion and propose that she accompanies you to do these things. For example, if she says she really would love to go to the London Zoo one day because she’s never been, invite her to accompany you the next weekend. Doing this will guarantee her agreeing to go on another date with you and will make her develop happy memories with you by her side.

By respecting these 4 essential principles, you will become more efficient in seduction.


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