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How to seduce on a top dating website

How to seduce on a top dating website

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd on a dating website. Especially when the female:male ratio is largely to the disadvantage of the men, it is necessary to know how to grab the attention of the females using dating websites with discipline and technique. Women who browse dating sites every day and see the same things all the time… men whose hobbies are football and rugby, men whose profile pictures consists of 90% muscles… How can you show you’re different? How can you show it is worth clicking on “See full profile”?
In this article, we will describe some important things to remember when you create your profile on a dating website to capture the attention of women and perhaps find your soulmate.



If your profile is not finished or not well presented, you will not attract anyone. As the saying goes, “You cannot attract flies with vinegar”.

Put all your good points on your profile and make sure to do so with honesty and impartiality. Liars will quickly be sniffed out and rejected by women.

Photos are important. A sophisticated or professional photograph (not necessarily in a 3 piece suit), a friendly photo (smiling) and a natural photo (no tricks: don’t overuse Photoshop). Choose a photo that best represents you and makes you look good.

Fill in all the boxes which will help you to clearly describe yourself. Yes, we know it can take a while, but these boxes are there to help potential matches learn more about you and, if the site uses a matchmaking algorithm, it can help the site to find people that are suited to you (and save you a lot of unnecessary searching).

Women are searching for an evening’s adventure, to escape boredom and leave behind their day-to-day life. Charm them by making your hobbies seem exciting and with what you plan to do together on dates and where you plan to go with your future companion.

Ask yourself questions like : “what do women want?” and “what do women dislike?”. Perhaps you’re a football fanatic. Ask yourself seriously, will writing “I like football, beer, laughing with friends….” on my dating profile truly attract a woman?”

You will likely have a greater chance of success if you like to take women out to restaurants, the theatre, the opera, music concerts. Putting things on your profile like: “I like to visit museums and go out shopping with my date as I like to see her try on all the clothes that make her look stunning…” will surely attract a woman, but don’t be overbearing. Make yourself stand out from the rest by emphasizing your artistic and romantic side and leaving a hint of mystery.



Numerous sites offer gadgets to to help you attract women (sending a bouquet, a virtual “wink”, a virtual gift). Imagine that, on the other side of the screen, a woman receives these hundreds of these every day and thinks the men who do this are just too lazy to write a message, to be imaginative and original.

Women tend to prefer personalised messages which show that you’ve checked out their profiles, their criteria and hobbies.

Out of the 100 messages received by a woman, 90 will be of a sexual nature “Would you f**k me?” “Would you like me to help you mast****te?”…. all the things that will deter a woman.

Another piece of advice that may seem absurd but will greatly help you: please do not make mistakes in your spelling and grammar.



Women are usually able to see everyone who has viewed their profiles. Visit her profile often: After multiple visits to a woman’s profile, she will realise that you have a real interest and this will perhaps give you the upper hand. It is obviously not recommended to send a woman a message each time you visit her profile: no harassment!

Sign out then sign in again often to appear in her “last visitors” list on her homepage. Some women will not go much further than the homepage which displays such connections.



Men tend to connect to dating websites in the evening time while women prefer to visit these sites in the daytime at work during their lunch breaks. Follow their lead and avoid the tough competition to find a woman to chat with between the hours of 10PM and 3AM.



Do not only focus on the physical features. We all have an ideal woman, of course, but you could maybe pass up a chance with an interesting woman if you maintain this attitude.

By following all the advice we offer you here on Top Dating UK, your chances of finding a woman either to flirt with or a relationship will definitely increase.


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