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Organising your first libertine encounter

Organising your first libertine encounter

Did you know that the word “libertine” comes from the latin word “lībertīnus” meaning a freedman? It brings to mind images of slaves that have just been emancipated. In these days, a night of debauchery is often thought to include drawing a woman in by your charm, leather and lace, racy music, S&M, chains and whips, pure pleasure… But all this is a bit cliché and doesn’t necessarily appeal to every man out there. Perhaps some men prefer an evening of feathers and whipped cream, softly and tenderly expressing their feelings of pure love and desire. To each man his own. Libertine means “free from sexual restraint”, but who is to say what the limits are? It truly depends on your personal interests and desires.

All clichés aside, you must be aware that organising this first encounter is not an easy thing to do as it is not necessarily something that is openly talked about or common knowledge. When we are ready to begin, even if we have strong desires, we may not know how to start to express them. There are so many factors that are important to consider to concoct a libertine night that is worthy of the name.


Find a debauchee

Going alone to a sex club to start your search for your perfect libertine will be very awkward so it’s better to go in a group. People who go alone to sex clubs are often perceived to be perverts, hopeless divorcés and sex addicts. But who can you ask to accompany you? Who better to ask than the people you trust. Speak about it with people around you, gently present the idea to your closest friends who may be interested in coming with you and invite them to share the idea with their friends as well. Maybe there is a very open-minded girl who will hear the idea from your best friend’s brother and she will be up for anything? Word of mouth will work in your favour.

You will also probably find some websites that are used to invite people on sex-based evenings where you can choose to post your idea or chat with other libertines. It is important that you sift out the strange people, as there may be old married couples seeking to spice up their love life with a threesome, people with disgusting fetishes (feet? armpits? faecal matter?) or people who are more talk than anything else and offer things that they wouldn’t dare do in real life. To find someone worth your time you must ask them lots of questions before agreeing to meet with them. Get into contact with them (not just sending messages online) and be clear about your expectations and desires.


Organise the evening

Keep in mind that you cannot organise a night of debauchery like a surprise party. Everyone needs to be aware of the people who will be there and they must mentally prepare themselves for what is to come. It is preferable that the people in your group of libertines have as little attraction for each other as possible. Avoid inviting married couples, people in relationships and people who may be secretly in love with someone invited to avoid any bloodshed at the private party. Be careful. If a couple wants to participate however, it is essential to make sure that both of them understand the possibility that their partner could be disloyal on the evening. A sexual party of this type could well and truly affect the mindset of someone and could have a domino effect on the couple’s relationship. Seeing many people fornicating in the same room as you can affect you, especially if your partner is one of these people. They must fully understand what they’re getting themselves into.

You arrive at a sex club: Quite often men must pay a fee (about £40 is a reasonable price) and you must take a membership card. The advantage of this kind of place is that it is devoted exclusively to debauchery. Besides the obvious presence of a bar, there are also numerous rooms featuring king-sized beds and sofas. The light is dim and there is always music on. Don’t feel obliged to participate in sex, there is much more to offer.

You organise an evening in a private place: Try, if you can, to rent a house for the occasion. If you can’t, have the party at one of the participant’s houses. Set a good theme for the event. In this way, you prevent any chance of boring, systematic sex on this night of excitement. Women much prefer spontaneity to predictable situations, especially when it comes to sex. Enjoy yourself and everything will happen naturally, as everyone there knows what to expect of the evening. An idea for a theme is the 17th century, where everyone wears wigs, masks and costumes. The great thing about this is that your identity is not certain and you can be free to enjoy the sensations without having to feel shy.

Arrange the space into different areas even if you’re only using one room. Make up each bed carefully, with clean sheets and condoms. Make a “bar” with plenty of drinks to keep spirits high. Ensure there is always music playing and maybe even make space for a little dance floor to encourage people to get to make new acquaintances. Dim the light to set the tone.

During the evening, be cautious of any confrontations or shouting to prevent anything spoiling the evening. Address the situation quickly and efficiently without making too much of a fuss.


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  1. Luke - 8 October 2015 at 15 h 28 min

    Im looking for someone to come with me for this type of expereince

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