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Muddy Matches
General overview :
  • Size of community

  • User interface quality

  • Cost and support


– Founded in 2007
– Awarded “Specialist Dating Website of the Year” in the UK Dating Awards 2014
– Now has over 130 000 members
– A specialist dating website for country folk


MuddyMatches is a truly unique dating website. It is designed for country people seeking similar-minded people in order to share a serious relationship. Finding someone you’re compatible with is hard enough, it’s harder when you don’t live around many people at all and have to explain that you shovel horse poop for a living. MuddyMatches was created with this in mind. It means that everyone on the site truly loves the country lifestyle and avoids awkward conversations and first dates.

As MuddyMatches is created for a specific niche, you may find that the variety is slightly limited and the member base is smaller compared to other dating websites. However, the fact that you already have one thing in common with every single member means that this doesn’t come as a great disadvantage anyway. All new profiles are manually reviewed by the customer service team to ensure only genuine country people are members. This also means there’s a slim chance of encountering scammers and fake accounts. You can trust that your privacy and security is protected when using this site.

Country folk are highly unlikely to spend a lot of time in front of a computer… Too much work to do! Rest assured that there is an app available on iOS and Android as well as a mobile version on the site to stay connected while on the move. Dating has never been so convenient.

MuddyMatches isn’t just a dating website… it’s a means of making friends as well! You can use this top dating site to find people that you share interests with to make new friends, try something different and spice up your social life. There are many events all around the UK to get involved in including dairy shows, Highland Games, County Fairs and the hugely-popular Mud-Lover Ball.

Do you enjoy getting muddy and messy on a date? Do you live for the green pastures, the smell of freshly cut grass, the taste of freshly picked strawberries? Do you dream of falling in love with someone with whom you can feed the horses and milk the cows? If the answer is yes, then MuddyMatches is the place for you!


The simplicity of the interface

The interface is very easy to use. It’s simple to navigate around the site. There are no complicated chat boxes and “wink” mechanisms.

The Muddy-Townie quiz is a fun questionnaire that gives you your “Muddy-Townie ratio”. This is a measurement of how much of a country person you really are. You can use this as a tool to help you find people on-line that you’re compatible with. You can “favourite” members and see who “favourites” you. You can also block accounts that you didn’t quite hit it off with.



You can join, browse, search, add photos, select favourites, receive e-mail alerts, see who added you as a favourite and make a profile all for free. In order to send, read and reply to messages however, you need to be a paying member. Here are the subscription fees:
• 12 month subscription: £7.50 per month
• 6 month subscription: £11.50 per month
• 3 month subscription: £15.00 per month
• 1 month subscription: £24.00

As you can see, the fees are very low compared with other top dating websites. MuddyMatches is cheap, easy-to-use and close to home… what more can you ask for?

• For country folk seeking similar-minded people for serious relationships
• Most features are free
• Smartphone app and mobile version available
• No automatic rebilling
• Easy to use
• Slim chance of fake accounts or scammers

• Not as large a member base as other dating websites
• Not suitable for people seeking casual relationships

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