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10 Things that Men do that Kill the Mood

10 Things that Men do that Kill the Mood

Sometimes, all it can take is a small slip-up to completely kill the mood and destroy the chemistry between you and a beautiful date.
Discover our list of the top 10 things that men do that kill the mood:

1. Your Sonic boxers….

Okay, so you got a pack of Marvel heroes boxers from your Nan for Christmas… you may as well make use of them, right? They’re the only boxers in your house that are clean (enough) so you decide to put them on for your date.
No. Stop right there.
This is our number one pet peeve.
Imagine things are heating up after an amazing, successful date and you asked her to come over to yours for a “quick drink” (classic), lean over to offer her a kiss, the kiss becomes more and more passionate and now she’s in your bedroom. She unbuckles your belt and your trousers fall revealing your Spiderman boxers.
Please, for your own sake, wear underwear that is plain and not so controversial!


2. Pointed shoes

Why do men have them in the first place? If you must keep them, we strongly recommend that you do not wear them on a first date as you’re at risk of becoming an embarrassment to yourself and your date. Embrace your inner elf another day.


3. When you call her by the wrong name

“Alice, you know I was always drawn to your dating profile but meeting you in person really has me thinking that you might just be my soulmate. Would you do me the honour of going to a second date with me, Alice?”
“My name is Miranda. JERK!”

Calling your current girlfriend or date by the name of your ex or the name of her best friend is statistically proven to ruin your date (not really, but we’re pretty sure it won’t end well…). You’re human, you’re forgetful, it’s understandable. If you’re not sure, call her a cute nickname instead.


4. Men who haven’t quite mastered the art of teeth-brushing…

He is young, tan, sexy with the body of a Greek god… and the breath of a Great Dane.
This is actually a valid reason to break up with someone. Brush your teeth, for everyone’s sake. And a wee floss wouldn’t go amiss either.


5. Men with yellow teeth

Staying on the topic of dental hygiene, yellow teeth are a sign that you don’t put pride in your appearance and don’t exactly create the image of “strong, independent man who can take care of you and your needs”. No girl will want to kiss a man with yellow teeth. Drop the cigarettes and give your teeth a good scrub with some bicarbonate of soda!


6. Men with dirty fingernails and hands

Take care of yourself and your appearance to make a good impression. Simple as!
Plus, who wants E-coli? Gross.


7. Men with dirty ears

We warmly invite you to make good use of a cotton bud after showering, as nothing is more disgusting than dirty ears. Trust us.


8. Jokes and references that are just… shit to be honest.

Girls love men who have a sense of humour. There’s a massive difference between being funny and making jokes. If humour isn’t one of your strong points, don’t try to make jokes. Just be yourself. It’s better to be honest than to force it.


9. Talking about your ex…

This is obviously a topic that should by no means be approached when you’re just starting a relationship. If you keep bringing up your ex’s name on a first date, your new partner will get the impression that you can’t stop thinking about your ex and you’re emotionally unavailable. If you’re still going through the breakup period, then don’t put yourself back out on the dating market (don’t be a jerk). On the other hand, if you’re on the dating market, get over your past relationships and get a grip.


10. Over-protective, jealous men

It’s wonderful to show a girl that you care about her and want to be her only man, but there’s a way to do it and stalking isn’t it.
There’s nothing worse than to feel like you’re being watched all day. Trust is the foundation of all relationships so be careful if you’re like this… you don’t want to scare her off.


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  1. Dominic - 10 November 2015 at 12 h 07 min

    haha this is quality

  2. Jay - 10 November 2015 at 12 h 10 min

    need to share this one with some of my mates 😉

  3. melissa - 10 November 2015 at 12 h 11 min

    talking about your ex..
    this is the worst one. if you’re with me you gonna want to be with me not anyone else!

  4. Sophia - 12 November 2015 at 18 h 06 min

    hate guys who are jealous creeps

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