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Making your sexual fantasy come true with a stranger you met online

Making your sexual fantasy come true with a stranger you met online

Sexual practices are becoming less and less restricted and sex is no longer considered taboo. Porn makes up a part of the media we view everyday (for example, music videos like “Pour it Up” by Rihanna). What does this mean? Sex is natural. Even the character of Bree Van de Kamp in Desperate Housewives (the most “virtuous” of them all) could not escape the temptation of casual sex and invited men into bed after a glass of wine at a bar. We all hide a little vice, a naughty side that cannot be revealed to your regular partner. Perhaps too daring or too freaky? We always hear people talking about love online so why not talk about casual dating?


Single (or in a relationship), why take the plunge via a dating website?

First of all, what is a fantasy? Erotic thoughts of a person which make them sexually excited. “The aim of a fantasy is to make one sexually motivated similar to sexual excitation or an orgasm. It is possible to fantasize about humans, but even about fictitious people, objects, animals, etc. Usually, fantasies allow for a lot of imagination and creativity. According to the desires of the individual, fantasies can vary from a real-life scenario to an extremely outrageous scenario.” (taken from Wikipedia) We can only deduce that human beings are all born with a certain intelligence as well as perversity.

To spice up one’s sexual life, fantasies prove to be a means of strengthening desire equally for males and females. Why not try out things you’ve long dreamt of doing but never had the guts to? After all, we only live once, don’t judge something without trying it first.  Wake up the animal inside you that is locked in a cage of secrecy due to society. Let it free.


Top 3 male and female fantasies

It is worth finding someone who more or less accepts your fantasies, as this person could very well be the ideal partner for you. Try to see if your fantasy is one of the most common listed below.

Some of the main fantasies that women have include:

. To be dominated, to surrender themselves totally, soft S&M…

. To make love with a stranger (or strangers) where the mystery of their identity remains, no strings attached, the ultimate taboo of double penetration…

. To make love with another woman, sensuality and softness, exploration of the female desires…

Some of the main fantasies that men have include:

. Having a “threesome” and, in general, men prefer two partners of the opposite sex

. Making love with a stranger, no need to pay to go to restaurants when the objective of both parties is the same…

. A partner in uniform, a police woman and her handcuffs, a nurse and her syringe, the domestic housewife and her feather duster…


How to make it happen?

Dating websites allow you a choice so you do not have to necessarily to meet each other in the beginning to get to know each other. You chat for a while with someone on a dating website. You enjoy it. The heat increases more and more and, once that you put all your focus on the person you’re speaking with, you begin to reveal yourself.

It is easier to find your courage behind a computer screen than in real life. Choose the best moment and make sure that you are both on the same wavelength. You want to please her: allow yourself to begin exchanging sweet words then dare to play on webcam, if he/she doesn’t mind. Share your erotic thoughts with her, trust in yourself. Don’t be afraid, the time you’re spending on the webcam with this woman is about your pleasure and happiness…


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  1. Susan - 16 October 2015 at 10 h 16 min

    Time to find me a man to have some fun with 😉

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