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Infidelity: the key to a successful marriage?

Infidelity: the key to a successful marriage?

Why get divorced when you can just cheat? Isn’t it simpler? These are the questions that many married people are now asking themselves. Divorce is so difficult these days, with all the paperwork, lawyers, wasted money and not to mention the stress of breaking up your family and its potential effect on your kids. Maybe you still love your partner but just don’t feel the spark anymore. It doesn’t mean you want to divorce them; you just want to rekindle the passion in your life. This is the reason that many extra-conjugal dating sites, such as Ashley Madison are so popular today. In fact, Ashley Madison currently has over 39 million members internationally.
Many critics say that sites like Ashley Madison are the types of sites that destroy marriages and relationships. On the contrary, these sites encourage members to have “affairs”, hence avoiding divorces and staying with their partners. Infidelity seems to be the remedy for weak and boring marriages, as when one partner becomes more passionate, excited, happy and in love thanks to the excitement of an affair, the other partner benefits, in effect benefiting the marriage.

Infidelity: is it better than marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling can be expensive and futile and there have been cases where marriage counselling actually results in divorce. You have to reveal your inner secrets and feelings which may uncover many hurtful truths and have a negative effect on your marriage. On the other hand, infidelity allows you to get what you miss from your relationship, whether it’s the impromptu sex or just someone to talk about something other than bills and kids, without destroying your family life.
For Noel Biderman, the founder of, the result is logic: “Those who have already gone through a divorce know how badly it can affect a family both emotionally and financially. I believe that this is why so many people become infidel. Cheating helps to fulfil a desire and also prevents a divorce.” He went on to add, “It is evident that most cheaters are generally happy in their marriages and are willing to do all that is possible to maintain their relationship. I truly believe that infidelity saves more marriages than marriage counselling!”

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