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How do I know if she likes me?

How do I know if she likes me?

A skilled seducer, besides his impressive quality of conversation and the way he carries about himself, also has the capacity to detect signs that a woman is interested in him.



She looks at you: It goes without saying that this is one of the more obvious signs that a girl likes you. In the train, if a girl looks at you several times, it’s usually because you intrigue her. As you’re not sure if she’s showing you interest in a bad way (do I have a prominent pimple that I didn’t notice?) or a good way, do a quick experiment by throwing a smile at her while she’s looking at you. If she smiles back, you can approach her with no fear. If, while you’re chatting with this beautiful woman, she looks at your lips or stares straight into your eyes, it is very encouraging and shows she is definitely into you.


She laughs a lot: Using humour is the most well-known and efficient piece of advice to help you grab the heart of someone you like. To know if the girl likes you, there is only one way to know: is she laughing? Even at your least funny jokes? Is she laughing from the heart? If the answer is yes, this girl is enjoying herself with you and will surely want to spend more time with you or maybe even go a step further…


She is touchy: If, when she’s talking to you, she touches your arm or hand, it’s an extremely positive sign. This means that she feels close to you. By doing this, she also shows you her interest and invites you into her personal space.


She asks you questions: Being a seductor, you need to take things into your own hands. In the beginning, you need to be the one to start new topics of conversation and ask her questions to allow her to express herself and to allow you to get to know her better. By asking her questions, you prevent yourself from dominating the conversation, potentially turning her off. If she asks you questions in return then you have definitely captured her interest.


She drinks with you: Even if the alcohol must be consumed with moderation, nobody can deny its socialising powers. If this lady accepts a drink that you offer her, you’ve got at least 20 minutes to have fun and let your powers of seduction loose! When the glass is empty, you can offer her another drink. If she replies “yes”, then things have gone well and you have won her over.


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