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How can you recognize a fake account?

How can you recognize a fake account?


When you first register on a dating website that you don’t know much about, the biggest thing you are afraid of is being tricked by fake accounts. There are many different types of fake accounts and it is necessary to learn how to recognize all of them to avoid any unpleasant surprises.



There are some sites with profiles that are actually “robots”. These are quite easy to recognize. These are the notorious accounts that send you a message almost two minutes after you register. Don’t be fooled, it’s a technique put in place by certain dating websites (one might say the least trustworthy…) to push you into quickly signing up for the premium services. The worst thing about these accounts is that if you subscribe to these services, you soon realise that the profile in question will no longer reply to your messages.

In this case, this fake account is just for making money off a man’s desire to love and be loved…

The best way to avoid being tricked by a robot is to pay for premium services when you’re ready. The whole reason behind allowing members to create free profiles is to allow them to test the water and work their way around the dating site before actually investing in a paid membership. Don’t pay for membership in order to continue talking to someone. Imagine you didn’t like the dating site in the first place and the person you paid for membership to continue talking to ends up not being compatible with you anyway, then you would have wasted money. Be vigilant and spend wisely.


The most fraudulent profile is that of someone who wants to push you into doing things that a real date wouldn’t: these are the women who will do everything and anything to get you “in the mood” and invite you to join them for a webcam session… in a paid chatroom.

Some also offer exchanging several overpriced text messages. We highly recommend against succumbing to these kinds of offers as, most of the time, these heartless women tell you a totally false SMS tariff! Instead of paying for 10 SMS at 15p each, you pay £5 for 10, or perhaps even more.

Yet again, this type of profile is easy to recognize as the women are extremely straightforward, direct and provocative, which is very unusual in real life… except maybe on sites clearly dedicated to this type of approach.



Here is another fraud that can be every disastrous and cause you a lot of worry: it is a profile of someone who will use a video or intimate photos of you from a chat to blackmail you into giving them a large sum of money.

A bit like the webcam chat hostesses, they quickly want to invite you to connect to a video chat. They always have excuses for why they cannot connect their webcams but promise you that they will the next time. Some precautions you must take:

– establish a conversation before sharing your video. People with bad intentions are worried about having to share things about themselves so if you are hesitant, you will undoubtedly send them packing.

– if you do decide to share your video, make sure you do not film your face. You will not be recognizable and so the video cannot be used for blackmailing you.

– avoid people who propose a video chat without sharing their video as it is a bit shifty and obviously a video chat involves both people sharing their video no?!
In all cases, the common denominator of all these profiles is that they’re all generally “too perfect” and unnatural. Very often these photos are taken off other adult websites… a quick Google Image search and you’ll know if this is the case.

To protect you from being taken advantage of, we invite you to thoroughly read the profiles of the people you meet online, do not give out personal information (you could even create a fake name for yourself), never accept propositions involving money and only agree to meet someone when you feel confident. Do not give in to pressure.

If you don’t know how to detect a fake profile using Google Images, here is a simple tutorial to help you.



Have you ever experienced a situation like this?

Tell us and share your experiences.


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