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How to prepare for a date

How to prepare for a date

You’ve been chatting online for a while with someone interesting and it is time to take things offline… You really like this person and need this to work out.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are our top tips (which apply to both males and females) on how to best prepare for a date to ensure everything runs smoothly.


1) Prepare your outfit from the night before

Ladies: This step might seem a bit obvious to you but we must emphasize how essential an outfit is on a date. The outfit you choose can show your date how much you respect them, as if you showed up in a pair of jeans to a fancy restaurant it would indicate that you’re not interested and don’t respect your date. On the other hand, if you showed up in full glam – a fluffy scarf, long sequined dress and stiletto heels – for a cinema date, it could potentially end in a lot of embarrassment for both you and your date. It is necessary to put some thought into where you’re going, how other people will be dressed and how much you want to impress your date. Lay out your outfit from the night before and ensure the garments are clean, ironed and without any stains. Take out matching accessories, a suitable bag, shoes and even lay out the makeup that you will put on for your date. This way, you can see if there is anything missing or anything left to do before your date (maybe you need to buy that necklace you saw in the window of Accessorize yesterday that perfectly complements your blouse?). One of the important points as well is to organise your lingerie. Who knows how things will go on the date and it is better to be safe than sorry. Investing in a matching set is always a great idea as it gives the impression of sophistication, class and sexiness. Choose a colour that compliments your skin tone, not too neutral so that it blends in and not too extreme that it looks unattractive. You can always ask for the advice of a sales person in any lingerie store.

Men: I know what you’re thinking… suit and tie (whichever one is hanging up bang in the middle of your wardrobe). A man well dressed is sure to impress. Trust me, laying out your outfit the night before will not take more than five minutes but will leave a lasting impression on your date. Your outfit depends on where your date is. A fancy bar? How about a coloured shirt (with the top button undone) and matching blazer and straight leg trousers.  Cinema date? A fitted white polo with light coloured jeans. Make sure your clothes are clean, dry, ironed and smell good. How you present yourself gives your date a lot of information about you such as your self-esteem, tidiness, organisation… Make sure your shoes are polished, if applicable, and there are no stains, animal fur or creases on your clothes. And men, make sure your socks and underwear are clean. With respect to undergarments, keep it plain; there is no telling how much your Superman boxers or unmatched socks can kill the mood!


2) Smell good, look good, feel good

As with your outfit, your cleanliness and grooming shows a lot about you so it is important to be well-groomed for a successful date.

Girls: Men love the fact that we smell good; why not go a step extra to further impress him! Wash your hair the night before with one of the cleanest smelling shampoos you have. Add hair products to make your hair extra glossy and bouncy on your date (without being oily). Use face and body scrubs to make your skin truly radiant. Shave all the hairy bits (yes… ALL!) because you never know! Use your favourite perfumes and scented body creams. Ensure your makeup compliments your outfit. Do not overdo the makeup – if a guy realises you have on a few layers of concealer, he may conclude that you have low self-esteem or be surprised when he wakes up next to you in the morning and it’s all rubbed off… Try to avoid that potentially awkward situation. Even if you don’t think he cares too much about the effort you put into your grooming, he will definitely appreciate the end result.

Guys: Girls are not searching for perfection, but basic hygiene is essential to show your date that you like her and are interested in her. You don’t to be clean shaven, as a little bit of stubble can make a girl melt. Make sure you shower before meeting her, use a nail brush to scrub your nails and use some deodorant and cologne. Avoid passing gas on your date because that is a serious mood-killer. Brush your teeth and keep some breath mints handy!


3) Clean your space

In the event that the evening ends with your date coming over to your place, it is essential to have your space clean and prepared. Make the bed, tidy your bedroom a bit, give the kitchen and bathroom a little wipe, no harm done! If you have any sex toys or porno, don’t leave them out on the table. Put out a few candles, throw out any expired food in the fridge and spray a bit of air freshener.

If you’re driving your date, make sure your car is in mint condition. Put a smooth, romantic CD in the CD player, throw away all the rubbish in the car, wash the exterior, make sure the interior smells good and is hoovered (nobody wants old biscuit crumbs stuck to their clean, ironed date clothes when they walk into a fancy restaurant…). A quick clean-up will go a long way and it will show your date that you are organised and very tidy. In the worst case scenario, hire a car for the night.

These are just the main points, but we could go on and on about things to do and not to do. Above all, be yourself and relax… If you both are soulmates then the stars are aligned for the date to go well.


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