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How do you make your profile attractive?

How do you make your profile attractive?

When signing up on a top dating website, you have be ready to accept the rules of the game. Whether you like it or not, in seduction and dating websites, there are certain rules: laws of supply and demand. In this great matchmaking market, you are just a client hoping to acquire the latest gadget (a bimbo) or land a bargain with a beautiful piece of a collection (a cougar). Unlike the other “products”, this woman must first agree to let herself be sold to you. You are therefore a buyer AND an exhibitor, coming to present the best argument of sale. The aim of this advice article is to teach you exactly how to do so.

There is tough competition on top dating websites. Some men may even be your rivals with a reputation for sweet-talking or, better for you, a reputation for being totally predictable. In all cases, the main thing is to know how to play your cards right. For instance, a profile that lacks information is a profile that isn’t visited…


A profile picture is obligatory

It’s useless to have a profile on a top dating website without a profile picture or, even worse, with someone else’s picture as your own. You’re not Anonymous. In fact, you go to out into the real world like everyone else with an unmasked face, genuinely hoping to meet people. Proudly add your face to your profile. Do not be hesitant, you are how you are. Add a clear, well-defined photo with good lighting. Add a picture that will make people say: “Wow! You really look great in this picture!”. You can edit these pictures of course, but make sure that you’re not distorting the reality too much as it will come back to haunt you for being dishonest about your merchandise…

Add other photos, if you like. It’s advised. However, always remember that quality is worth more than quantity, be moderate. It’s better to have two enhancing photos on your profile than to upload all 679 photos you took on your holidays last summer, where in half of the pictures you appear sloggy and drunk.


Your profile: a well-calibrated business card

Consider your profile like your business card, available to all women who are interested in you. Choose an original username that can be easily typed and remembered. Present yourself in a friendly and simple manner, without excessive use of punctuation marks such as exclamation marks and (obviously) without spelling errors. Avoid putting your entire life-story online as this is excessive. Just pointing out your characteristics better outlines who you are as a person and helps the curious people viewing your profile page to know what exactly they’re dealing with. It is in your best interest to fill in all the boxes that the site asks for.

Another crucial reason to fill in all the boxes is so that you can find your perfect match, it’s pure technology. All the boxes give key-words that the match-making tool uses to select special members for you that perfectly fit your criteria. Hurrah for technology!


Pick out similarities and use them to your advantage

In studying profiles that you’re competing against (i.e. profiles of other men on the top dating website you’ve joined), you’re doing, what we call in terms of basement marketing, a “market study”. Pick out and analyse half-assed profiles so that you can make sure not to make the same mistakes as them. Some examples of clumsy mistakes to avoid making include using a profile picture taken from an old webcam, sending smileys and saying “lol” too much. You want to portray yourself as a strong, mature man. Saying “LOL <3 ;)” doesn’t quite help you to display such an image.

In the hopes of making yourself stand out from the rest, compare your profile with those of other men on top dating sites. Make some notes. If you realise that your profile is not much different to theirs, adapt your profile to get out from the monotony of the clones. If most men are sporty, amateur motorcyclists and love Vin Diesel films, make yourself different in highlighting your love for art, nightlife and Woody Allen films.


Make yourself known: multiply your interactions

Now that your profile is ready, one can say that you are now “available on the market”. As all good new products have public advertising campaigns, it will be useful to put your marketing skills to work.

It is essential that you start chatting with other members on top dating websites so they can get to know you. This way, even if you don’t hit it off with the women you speak to at first, it’s maybe only a question of time. At least you have already broken the ice. Don’t go overboard when trying to impress these women. For example, be responsive and share your opinions but do not be insensitive. Do not keep trying with a woman if you feel like it isn’t going anywhere.

Always keep your sexual relationships to yourself, don’t talk about them with the women you chat to, as they will be quick to defend and discredit you. There is a strong solidarity between all women.

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