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Flirting at the Pool

Flirting at the Pool

If you have decided to go wild when flirting and try to chat up women on the tube, on the streets or other public places, you must completely and thoroughly understand the female psychology. This is necessary to charm them rather than passing for a complete freak.


Girls go to the pool to swim. Don’t be awkward.

Girls don’t always feel comfortable when they get looks and stares in the pool, especially when it’s a man doing the eyeballing. Girls often already suffer from self-consciousness and can feel very shy to go to the pool and expose their bodies to the public. In day-to-day life, they cover the parts of their bodies they don’t like with clothes and accessories but in the pool they cannot. Remember, there’s only a thin piece of material covering these girls up and they’re in a public place surrounded by male predators. After one or two lustful looks, girls can quickly feel naked and embarrassed.


Just because she catches your eye doesn’t mean that she wants to jump into bed with you.

It’s said that one of the signs that a girl is interested in a man and wants his attention is to throw him a look. It’s true that this is one of the signs but it does not stand well on its own. Just because she looked at you once or even a few times doesn’t mean that she’s interested in you (sorry!). Don’t let overconfidence ruin your chances.

So imagine, the girl you’ve been looking at for the last three hours has been swimming lengths and suddenly throws you a look. If you want, you can have a quick chat with this girl without having any expectations. If, while you’re chatting, she seems stressed and busy, she’s looking away and doesn’t ask you any questions, end the conversation and leave her alone. Do you really think that all girls who go to the pool do it to sleep with a stranger?


To be respected by women, don’t be stubborn, wanting to seduce her no matter what…

The moment you enter in the pool, avoid looking like a pervert. Be conscious of how long you look at people and act focused on your swimming or technique. Be aware of the people around you and have a relatively rapid ocular activity. Avoid looking ostensibly at asses that pass but don’t hesitate to smile briefly at any girls who look at you with interest, as that could open the door of opportunity for future interactions with this beautiful girl.

If you do decide to flirt with a girl, you need to admit to yourself that it’s more than likely you won’t win her over. This way, when you approach her you won’t be under as much pressure. You will simply chat with her about the first (politically correct) thing that comes to the top of your head. As if you’re chatting with a neighbour. Just be calm and relaxed without belittling yourself. Show her that you’re just a normal, natural person. You can, for example, invite her on a little friendly walk, offering to buy her a drink on a later date? This way, you will pass for someone cool and interesting, not persistent. She will look at you with another eye and will be more interested in you. She is not necessarily prepared to get with you after one meeting in the pool but, using this approach, you show her that you’re an interesting person and this will make her want to meet you again outside the pool…     

Above all, if you see that she’s dying to run away, take a shower and go home after talking to you, don’t force her, as other girls will probably observe you from the corner of their eye and your encounter will definitely influence your chances with the others.

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