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General overview :
  • Size of community

  • User interface quality

  • Cost and support


– More than 2 million members
– Completely free
– Suitable for people of all ages
– Suitable for people searching for either a casual or serious relationship


Being a totally free site, all members can feel at ease knowing they can browse for a perfect match without having a huge sum of money leaving their bank account each month. They don’t have to rush to find a partner in 3 months or 6 months. This takes out a lot of the pressure and stress of on-line dating.

There is a large member base due to the fact that membership is free. You have a greater chance of finding a potential match thanks to the sheer number of people, but this may also mean it could take a longer time to find that special someone as you have to sift through so many members to determine whether or not they meet your needs in a partner. The large member base also means there are many time-wasters, scammers and fake profiles so be wary of this.

Joining is free and takes a matter of seconds. After joining, you can immediately start building up your profile, uploading pictures, browsing existing members, sending messages and joining discussions. You are able to see which members are new so that you don’t end up sending messages to someone who’s not logged in for a while and is probably not going to log in any time soon. You can also see who’s on-line, so if you want to have a chat with someone in real-time, that option is available to you.

You can opt to participate in a photo rating system called “Hot or Not”. You get to rate pictures on a scale and have your picture voted on as well. This can be quite fun and an interesting way to quickly meet new members of the site and potentially even meet a future match…

Flirtbox offers a wealth of expert dating advice and information on their website, notably how to avoid being scammed. See our article “How can you recognize a fake account” for more advice.


The simplicity of the interface

The interface is very clear and easy to use. There are many ads on the site which can be a deterrent to some people.

The search feature is basic so it is simple to navigate but some may find there are not enough filters. Other dating sites offer filter options such as height and other physical features whereas on Flirtbox the filters are limited to age, location and other basic details.

You can join interest-based groups to find people you have things in common with and start to make their acquaintance. As this site is suitable for people of all ages, the interests range from knitting to video games! There really is something for everybody. In forums, you can speak with people from all around the world. Indeed, with Flirtbox you’re not just limited to the UK, as love is not always found right around the corner…

You can save a lot of time by adding favourites so you can easily find them again to drop them a message whenever you’re ready and think it’s the right time. The site also makes suggestions of members based on your profile, searches and how you rated people on the “Hot or Not” feature. You can see who viewed your profile and add people to Block lists if they were rude or you just didn’t get along with them.


Flirtbox is one of the very few dating websites that are absolutely free without any catch! All features offered by Flirtbox are accessible and at no time will you be obliged or asked to pay a membership fee.

• Completely free without a catch
• One of the largest free dating sites with over 2 million members
• Quick and easy to join and start browsing
• Suitable for people searching for either a casual or serious relationship

• Attracts many scammers and con artists
• Not many search filters
• Many time-wasters so can possibly be hard to find someone looking for a serious relationship
• High number of ads on the site

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