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General overview :
  • Size of community

  • User interface quality

  • Cost and support


– Community created over 15 years ago for single Catholics to find friendship, meet other single Catholics and even find a match
– Dating site that upholds Catholic values and morals
– Works hard to keep prices low and value high



CatholicMatch is a dating site created for single Catholics who are looking for someone to have a wholesome, God-centered relationship which could one day lead to marriage or even simply a friendship. Being a Catholic involves including God in your whole life, so it is important to find a partner that will have a similar mind-set and same life goals as you. This is why CatholicMatch was created. Unlike on other dating sites, you can answer a lot of questions about your faith and beliefs are the number one focus, rather than age, height or number of kids for example. It is not just focussed on finding a perfect profile for you, but CatholicMatch puts a lot of effort in to keep the site very enjoyable while you search or wait for the member who will pop up and end up being the man or woman of your dreams.
CatholicMatch does not use any huge set of scientific research to complicate the matchmaking process and they say that this is important to allow God to guide you in finding the perfect match. They also ensure that every aspect of the site (such as events, quizzes, articles and content) adheres to the values of the Catholic church. Unlike other top dating sites which have a huge selection of events and large member base, there is a smaller number of events and member base but both the members and events adhere to moral standards and, as they say, quality is better than quantity. The events are centered around God and can include masses, visiting shrines and pilgrimages. CatholicMatch’s tech team is always on the lookout for fake profiles and any member that is not adhering to God’s standards to remove them and keep the community clean and enjoyable for all genuine members. There is a lot of safety advice available and a customer service team that is always on hand no matter what the problem may be.
Sign-up is quick and free and starts with you providing your name, email and diocese. Then you’re asked to respond to some questions about your faith, appearance, background and likes and dislikes. Some questions include your favourite style of mass and if you accept certain teachings of the church (e.g. contraception and the Eucharist).


Features and the Interface

There are lots of cool features such as emotigrams, interviews, chat rooms and forums on CatholicMatch in addition to the standard features offered by top dating sites such as instant messaging, blogs and messages. You can feel trusting and secure knowing that there is no risk of shocking content being posted on forums, etc, as all the members of this dating community live by the same standards as you. These features are easy to use and it is not difficult to get the hang of them.
All site visitors have free access to a wealth of information on the CatholicMatch Institute for Dating and Marriage. It is great that this site does not just offer dating advice but also advice for single living, prayer and marriage planning for example.
The interface is very simple but some may think that it lacks graphics. On the top bar, you can see inbox, profile, search, forums, institute and more. In the inbox section, you can view your matches, which are based on the criteria you give in a short quiz. You can also see your messages, views and likes.



CatholicMatch has offers the best value out of all the religious dating sites. There are lots of discounts available and the costs are generally lower than most online dating sites. In the event that a member made an honest effort but did not succeed in making a positive contact, CatholicMatch offers 6 months subscription free.
Paid members have the following advantages over free members: Send personalized emotigrams, send unlimited messages, priority support, access to the community chatrooms and forums.
Here are the prices for the paid membership:
1 month subscription: $29.95 USD (approx. £19.39)
3 month subscription: $19.95 USD/ month (approx. £12.92/month)
6 month subscription: $12.49 USD/ month (approx. £9.38/month)

• Niche dating site created for Catholics by Catholics
• Special attention to ensure all content is reviewed and adheres to Catholic values
• CatholicMatch Institute for Dating and Marriage which provides advice articles written by well-known Catholic leaders

• No scientific method to finding a match
• Not suitable for non-Catholics

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