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General overview :
  • Size of community

  • User interface quality

  • Cost and support


– Relatively new dating app
– Created in 2014 in Manchester
– Popular in Great Britain, Canada, Holland and the US
– Over 100,000 users today


Bristlr is a dating app which was created to connect bearded folk with those who want to stroke beards. It is an extremely innovative and unique app which is a fun way of meeting new people to make friends or even find love! Signing up is really quick and simple and all the information you need to give is 1) whether or not you have a beard, 2) username, 3) password, 4) email, 5) location and 6) date of birth. There’s no questions about gender or sexual orientation. You will find that you get a mixture of males and females in your potential matches as you browse. This is really refreshing, especially in the changing society where sexual preferences are shifting from the ‘normalcy’ of heterosexuality into a wide range of different sexual orientations.

Features and the Interface

On Bristlr, the features are very limited as the interface is made for getting you in contact with new people rather than cultivating a long and drawn-out online relationship. The interface is also very simple and similar to the Tinder app. After creating your profile, you get a gallery of photos of members that could be potential matches and are around your area. You can choose to “like” members by clicking on the heart button under their photo or you can choose to “remove” members from your list so their profile won’t come up in your list for a month. To message a member, you have to both “like” each other first. This is a point that stands out about Bristlr, because it avoids messages from spam accounts, annoying people and people you aren’t interested in. It saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to skim through messages from people you would never give a chance and it is also a lot safer and makes the online dating experience more efficient overall. Each member’s profile consists of details such as “About You” and “Hopes and Expectations”. Some profile information can only be viewed by matches (people who you like and have liked you back).
Everyday you have a new handful of “daily matches” handpicked and delivered to your personal account. There is a section on the page where you can rate beards out of 5 stars.


Bristlr is a free app forever. You can choose to pay £3.60 to “buy the software creator a cup of coffee and a donut” which will allow you to enjoy a filter that only allows you to see people who like you. This makes finding potential matches a lot easier.

• Laid-back, fun community

• Totally free forever

• Hipster site perfect for young people

• None of the modern features like live chat, video chat, live help desk, virtual gifts, etc.

• Relatively new

• Not suitable for people searching for serious relationships

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