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General overview :
  • Size of community

  • User interface quality

  • Cost and support


– Launched in Denmark in 2002, and in the UK in 2005
– Gated community of beautiful people
– Each member must be voted “beautiful” enough to join
– Thousands of serious relationships and more than 700 weddings thanks to BeautifulPeople


Signing up to is quick and easy… you can even do it using your facebook! You just need to fill in a few details, like your height, age, location and eye colour and add a photo. Then the daunting 48 hour wait begins… In the 48 hours, existing members of the opposite sex will review your picture and your profile and vote whether or not you’re beautiful enough to join the site. Every member goes through this rigorous voting process to ensure that the site’s members are all attractive. If you’re accepted after the 48 hour voting process, this means that you’re now part of an “elite online club” where every member is beautiful. It also means that it’s less difficult to find a potential match, if physical attractiveness is a factor that is important to you in a date. As they say, to fall in love with someone you need to first be attracted to them. On this site, everyone is attractive, so the first hurdle is overcome. You have access to the finest and most attractive people near and far at your fingertips.

Many exclusive events and parties are organised for members of You can organise events yourself and invite other members to come along. This is a great way of transitioning from the virtual dating world into the real-life dating world. is not just for people seeking love and relationships, it’s also a means of connecting people and professional networking. Model bookers, talent scouts, production companies browse through the site’s members every day and offer new business and employment opportunities. Some members have gone on to be TV presenters, models and working in entertainment thanks to connections made on

The simplicity of the interface

The interface is simple and colourful. It is easy to navigate.

On your homepage, you can see an “Activity Stream” which shows real-time updates when members add photos to their profiles and update their information. You can see who’s “checking you out” and people who have sent you “kisses” and “liked” your pictures.You can find friends by connecting your account to your social networking sites or your e-mail.

While waiting to see whether or not you’ve been accepted as a member of the walled community, you can browse profiles of existing members, add them to your favourites and change your profile.

Sadly, there’s no compatibility match system like other dating websites so you have to search for yourself. This isn’t too difficult though as all profiles are clearly designed so that they are informative without having to skim through a lot of information. Some people may find doing their own searching refreshing as it mimics the real life alternative of finding a perfect match where there isn’t a compatibility tool anyway.


The subscription fees are as follows:

1 Month – £24.99 Per Month
3 months – £15.99 Per Month
6 months –  £12.99 Per Month

• All members are physically attractive
• Large community of beautiful members locally and internationally so increased chance of finding your perfect match
• Frequent parties and events exclusively open to members
• Professional networking on the site provide you with new business and employment opportunities
• Android and iPhone apps available

• Members who have gained weight have been deleted from the site in some cases
• Can affect your self-confidence – even if you’re accepted as a member, you may feel pressured to stay “beautiful”
• Some may feel that the site is designed for people who are obsessed with physical appearance as opposed to the personality and the heart
• You must wait for 48 hours to know if you’ve been accepted as a member of the site
• Automatic re-billing


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  1. Lou - 14 October 2015 at 17 h 06 min

    so cheap compared to other sites but hate the wait to be accepted omgggg

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