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The art of online conversation: 5 tips to follow

The art of online conversation: 5 tips to follow

To start of a conversation too confidently, saying that you’re going to “flirt with anything that moves”, is setting the bar much too high and could end up discouraging you. You shouldn’t go about on an online chat like a hunt. As the competition can at times be very tough and the ratio of women/men usually is in favour of the former, it is essential to sharpen your pencils and clean your brushes to create a masterpiece in the art of online conversation. All men online are already fishing in the pool of female members, looking to win their hearts, using their skills of seduction and conversation online. To help you to stand out from your competition, offers you 5 pieces of golden advice to help you become an artist of online conversation.

1) Find the right pick up line.

This is the first point for a very valid reason: the first words you say to a beautiful woman will rest forever in her memory. They form a picture in her mind already about who you are and what your goal is. That is why you have to be yourself but also be charming. Forget about saying “Hey cutie, what’s up?” and forget the spelling errors and abbreviations. Leave behind the cheesy overused phrases like “Woah, your profile picture is blinding me because you’re like a ray of sunshine!”. Your pick-up line has to be unique and personalised. Spend your time reading the person’s profile before you chat with her; discover her passions and likes and concoct a pick-up line that suits her. If you stumble upon the profile of a girl who likes salsa, you can approach the conversation by saying that you think you saw her in a salsa dance club (even if it isn’t true). No matter what she replies, you already have established a topic of conversation that’s unique and will definitely leave a lasting impression.


2) Don’t apply pressure.

You don’t need to reply immediately. You don’t have to respond at all if you don’t feel like it. Don’t stress yourself out because the person you’re talking to will sense that and be turned off. On the contrary, tell yourself that everything will go well, you have done this before and things are simple. The goal of your conversation should be simple, to have a nice friendly discussion with the girl and leave a good impression on her. Get yourself out of the mindset that “I must succeed!” This will not help you in anyway, and could potentially cause you to mess up the conversation. Contact a few people all at once and respond calmly- chill out.


3) Honestly get involved and be interested in the conversation.

Really “LOL” from your heart and be interested in the conversation you’re having. Get to know the person you’re talking to because you’re interested in them, not because it looks good and it might make her like you. Otherwise, everything you say will be fake and you’ll be pressured to continue the lies. Your relationship will never be real. This is one of the keys to success- being honestly interested in the chat. Make your common interests be the subject of conversations.


4) Know how to share without being overbearing.

Don’t hesitate to talk about yourself! It is important that you both get to know each other and that you unveil your true personality and self. Everything must be done in moderation of course, and you must follow the flow of the conversation. This means that you can’t just blurt out random facts about yourself. Also, don’t dominate the chat and let her talk and ask questions as well. Regularly ask for her opinions to enable a rhythmic exchange and comfortable conversation where each party can freely express him/herself.


5) Don’t take her for your therapist.

I’m going to be quite frank here… If you are not comfortable in your own skin or you still haven’t got over your last relationship, sort it out before you embark on a new relationship. Otherwise, you risk having a therapeutic confession and tiring your contacts and prospective lovers. On a dating site, you’re there to seduce! To do this, you need to give yourself time to heal old scars and get over your feelings of regrets or pain. If you feel like you can’t get over it, talk to a real therapist or just avoid the topic of “exes” in your conversations. If your heart is still with someone else, though, you will scare off the people you’re talking to.

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