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Things not to do after a breakup

Things not to do after a breakup

1) Overeat

Binge snacking will only just cause you to put on weight which can eventually shrink your confidence. Put away the Ben & Jerry’s, chocolate and buckets of chicken (or have one of your gals over to pry them from you) and pull out the lentil chips, plain popcorn and fresh fruit smoothies!

2) Change your Facebook relationship status

Resist the drama. Delete your relationship status altogether so you don’t need to specify if you’re “Single”, “In a relationship” or “It’s complicated”. Nobody needs to know your business and it’s really annoying to have to scroll through all those “girl power” and “you’re better off without him” comments. Give yourself time to grieve.

3) Spread gossip

It’s perfectly understandable that you may be angry and upset. Talk with your close friends and family to help you get over this painful time. There is no reason to tell everyone about his mistakes and spread harmful rumours. Remember, gossip always has a way of biting you back when you least expect it!

4) Find a replacement

Give yourself time to heal after heartbreak. Replacing your ex will not allow you to get over the breakup and will hurt both you and your new boo in the end.

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