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3 Kinds of Guys that all girls want to have…

3 Kinds of Guys that all girls want to have…

In this little nugget of knowledge, we’ll quickly discuss the three kinds of guys that can melt any girl’s heart by simply being.

1) The Geek

The advantages of dating a geek include the fact that you can discover your computer has other features besides Facebook and Word (SCORE!). There’s something about a smart guy that’s just overwhelmingly attractive. Maybe it’s the way their floppy hair falls or how they can speak all of the sexiest languages (including Maths… so hot…) or maybe it’s the way they quote literature. The Geek is the ideal guy for you if you are a sapiosexual and you go for the cute and romantic type.

2) The Bearded and Tattooed

This kind of guy personifies a warm fireplace in the cold Autumn months. His mysterious allure is enough to make any girl melt! His soft brown eyes, tidy beard, tattooed arms and his quiet charm make him the most sought after man in the market. All girls want a guy with a big heart and a rough exterior.

3) The Musician

One of the advantages of dating a musician include all the free tickets to concerts! On a serious note though, how beautiful it is to see a strong man be artistic with an instrument and make music that reflects his love for you. The fact that he plays an instrument automatically makes him hot. Just saying.

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