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Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas is such a perfect time to go on a date with someone who has got a hold of your heart. With the cold weather, you have a credible excuse to huddle together and even cuddle each other.

Here is a list of our top Christmas date ideas to try out with your date to certainly give her a unique and festive experience that she won’t forget.

1) Late night Christmas market stroll

Take a stroll with your partner with your arms around each other, going through the local Christmas market in the evening time. Enjoy minty hot chocolate with marshmallows, as well as the smiles on each others’ faces and the beautiful moment shared.

2) Volunteer together

Get involved in a soup kitchen in the local Church and show your soft side. This will make both of you feel good and get into the festive spirit. You’ll help some people in need and give your relationship a boost! Score!

3) Ice skating

Go ice skating together, even if you’re not a good skater. It’ll make for good laughs and happy memories. Just don’t fall on top of each other (at least not at the skating rink 😉 ).

4) Bake together

Stay at home in your pyjamas and bake Christmas cookies. Even if they don’t come out perfectly, at least you will have created precious memories with each other. Cuddle up, make some hot chocolate and eat your crumbly cookies together on the couch while watching Christmas movies after!

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