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5 Tips to Walk in the Steps of a Skilled Seducer

5 Tips to Walk in the Steps of a Skilled Seducer

Even if you weren’t born a seducer, it is possible to become one. In your group of friends or even in films, you have probably already seen seducers in action and are capable of naming the certain elements that make an effective flirt. It is important to remember these elements and try to apply them in your approach. has listed them to save you having to follow Don Juans and make notes of their conduct (imagine how awkward that would be…). All you have to do now is adopt them!


Be stylish

There is not just ONE style of clothes that constitutes the outfit of a seducer. The common denominator? They’re all personalised. Indeed, in your own clothes, you are more comfortable and at ease so you come off as more relaxed and confident. It makes clothes shopping a lot easier too because nothing is easier than looking for clothes that you like and that suit you well. Ask for style advice from your friends who are girls. If many of them say that you look good, then you’re definitely on the right track!


Have an interesting and balanced life

By having a rich and varied everyday life, it’s a proven fact that you will be more happy and content with your life. Sign up for a sport, travel, go out and live life to the fullest. Experiences like this will make you stand out among other men, make you a confident and happy person and will therefore help you be a better seducer.


Open yourself up to people

Train yourself to be confident and let it show. Get used to looking at things around you, keeping your head high and looking at people, smiling at them, telling them hello and even chatting with them. Be friendly and chatty. Help the cute girl next door carry her shopping bags or chat with the hottie from down the road as she walks her dog. This will allow you to break the ice and meet many new people every single day.


Jump at opportunities

There isn’t one specific place or moment that is the best for attracting women and flirting with them. In your everyday life, you have multiple opportunities to chat with women: on the streets, in public transport, at the supermarket… The only thing that can hold you back from flirting with a beautiful person and winning her heart is the terrible habit of always trying to imagine what will happen in advance. A seasoned seductor does not reflect or ponder on what he will say or do in advance; he seizes the moment and thinks on his feet, based on how the conversation is going.


Get over your “failures”

There aren’t really any “failures” in seduction. The only “failures” are experienced by amateurs who only think about getting a girl into bed and who therefore set the bar too high (no girl is going to get into bed with a guy she’s known for 5 minutes…). When we try to seduce a woman, it is essential not to do it expecting a certain goal. Start by simply chatting with her calmly and look out for the signs of interest that she may show toward you. However, a conversation with a girl does not necessarily guarantee a result and this happens to many seasoned seducers and amateurs alike. Just admit it and move on without putting any pressure on yourself. After all, you can’t get every girl and, as the saying goes, there are many other fish in the sea.


So there you have it! Now it’s down to you to apply these principles in your life to walk in the steps of a talented seducer.

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